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On the CUSP of Something New

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One of the Collaborative Model’s main components is the call for every Canadian MB ministry to have a shared mission and agenda. We state this mission and agenda in a document referred to as the Collaborative Unified Strategic Plan (CUSP). Here we identify the areas where MB’s in Canada have chosen to collaborate.

As this issue of MB Herald Digest hits your inbox, the first draft of this critical document enters the consultation phase: provincial and agency boards and MB churches from across the country can speak into the creation of the CUSP. We must own it together. At the bottom of this page, you will find links to a CUSP overview video and to register for town hall meetings.

We seek to be a community of healthy, disciple-making churches and ministries, on mission together with Jesus locally, nationally & globally.

In identifying Disciple-making as our primary purpose, the MB church can tailor its efforts and resources towards accomplishing that mission. The expected outcome is a continued disciple-making environment that grows exponentially. This Disciple-making environment contains four measurable areas; they are:

Discipling identity: Biblically-identified characteristics of a disciple as determined through our MB theological lens

Churches that disciple: Churches with effective, defined disciple-making pathways.

Disciples who lead: Existing leaders, supported and equipped by churches, conferences and agencies

Discipling Movements: Extending churches in new expressions both in Canada and beyond

We hope to achieve this by concentrating on four priority areas:

Spiritual health and theology: Encouraging unity around a clear theological centre and guiding pastors and churches towards robust spiritual development

Leadership development: enhancing and streamlining the development of MB pastors and leaders towards the fulfillment of our mission

Mission: Facilitating and encouraging mission towards a disciple-making movement in Canada and from Canada to the globe

Organizational health: Developing systems for peak organizational effectiveness, moving our disciple-making mission to the forefront.

The CUSP not only helps us coordinate our efforts, but it also invites different parts of the MB family to lead, bringing the best of our skills and gifts together for the benefit of the whole. From larger city churches to smaller rural ones, from pastors and missionaries to businesspeople, we can make disciples of Christ Jesus. This plan—when vetted and approved—will belong to us all.

Written by Elton DaSilva
National director of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. Elton and Ana live in Winnipeg and have three children.


Additional Information:

[VIDEO] An introduction to the CUSP
SAVE THE DATE: January 7, 2021
Register for town hall meetings

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