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Inspire, equip, encourage the church

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national ministry team-Gerald

Gerald Dyck (MBCM) and Ed Willms (ONMB)

“Meeting with like minded Christ followers who love the local church and who live in service of God is invigorating,” says CCMBC national director Elton DaSilva.

The National Ministry Team (NMT) held their inaugural meeting under the collaborative model structure at the MCC Center in Abbotsford, B.C., Sept 25–28, 2018.

Over the course of the meetings, they developed a new mission statement for the new model: “The conference exists to inspire, equip, and encourage the church for effective ministry and mission in Canada and beyond.”

Additionally, they considered adding a fifth “quadrant” to the service model to represent the relief and development, justice, and peacemaking that is core to the evangelical-Anabaptist identity.

MB Mission/Multiply president Randy Friesen presented his organization’s strategy document and nine-point grid. This generated discussion around mission and vision for Canadian Mennonite Brethren churches.

After small and large group discussion, the NMT drafted a document identifying purpose, goals, unifying elements and preferred culture. The group will revise the draft at the December meeting.


Over a meal period with the NMT, Wayne Bremner, executive director of MCC B.C., shared insights from MCC’s experience of working together with multiple multi-partner relationships.

Following discussion of the collaborative model, the NMT decided to pattern the 2019 budget on the conference support model in use to date. Leaders will continue to envision and consult with partners and constituents to develop a new budget system for the Collaborative Model in 2020.

Over the fall, NMT leaders will host round-table events across the regions for local leaders to dream together about how to be the people God together as Mennonite Brethren for Canada and the world.

Each morning, National Faith and Life Team (FLT) chair Ingrid Reichard led a devotional that accompanied singing and prayer.

“There was a genuine sense of wanting to work together, to lift up each other as leaders and the congregations in the churches we represent,” says Gerald Dyck, MBCM. “We left the meetings with a will to honour and respect each other and the process, and to model collaboration.”


National Ministry Team (NMT)

  • Elton DaSilva, national director, CCMBC
  • Alain Després, provincial conference minister, AEFMQ
  • Ed Willms, executive director, ONMB
  • Gerald Dyck, interim executive director, MBCM
  • Phil Guenther, director of ministry, SKBM
  • Paul Loewen, executive director, ABMB
  • Rob Thiessen, provincial conference minister, BCMB
  • Mark Wessner, president, MB Seminary
  • Larry Neufeld, communications lead, MB Mission/Multiply
  • Mark Burch, North America director of church planting, MB Mission/Multiply
  • Ingrid Reichard, chair, National Faith and Life team (formerly BFL)
  • Carson Samson, communications and operations director, CCMBC

Photos by Carson Samson

Visit the calendar to find regional round-table events.

Updated Oct 18, 2018: location changed

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Jordan Duerrstein October 24, 2018 - 10:52

This seems like a great development in the CCMB world—glad to hear of this.
However, I think it would be good to see a few more women on the NMT.


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