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Kao and Si, sisters in Christ

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Several months ago, a short-term team came to Thailand for two weeks and helped run a one-week English camp. A young girl named Kao attended that camp. Afterward, she began coming to church with us. Several weeks later, she asked if I would help her prepare for an English speech competition. Gladly, I agreed.

While we were practising at my house, my phone kept ringing. Every time we were interrupted, Kao would turn her attention to songs on YouTube – songs we sang in church. As I looked over her shoulder, I saw that one of the songs was accompanied by photos from the Jesus Film. When I got off the phone, I asked her, “Do you know the story about how Jesus died on the cross for our sins?”

“No,” Kao replied.

After sharing the gospel with her, I showed her the Jesus Storybook Bible in Thai, to make sure she understood the story. As we continued to work on her speech, every time I looked away she would sneakily read the Bible.

Kao took the Storybook Bible home with her and began to read it regularly with her younger sisters. When I saw them again soon after, Kao’s sister, Si, said to me, “We want to become Christians, but we can’t because our mother has forbidden it.”

As we spent more time together, Kao and Si began to ask more questions about God and the Bible. One day as I was driving her home, Kao told me she had realized that making a decision to believe in God was her own choice and nobody could stop her from believing in God.

The next Sunday, I was overwhelmed with excitement when I saw both Kao and Si go up and receive Christ at our worship service. Later, the sisters came and shared with me that they had told their mom about their new commitment to Christ and she had not been upset with them. In fact, she herself had begun to read the same Bible and was interested in learning more about God, too!

Please pray for Kao and Si and their mother as they read the Bible and discover more about God.

—Rebecca Hiebert is from the Good News Community Church in Ryley, Alta., and currently serves as a long-term worker with MB Mission in Thailand. Stories of transformation like this appear each month in MB Mission’s Daily Prayer Guide. To sign up for this monthly mailing, go to: mbmission.org/news/daily-prayer-guide/

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