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Hacks for spiritual growth

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How to Grow: Applying the Gospel to All of Your Life

Darryl Dash

Moody Publishers

Review by Blake Wagner

What is the subject?

The subject of this book is growing in your spiritual life.  This is something that all Christians – whether young in the faith or well along the journey – ought to be doing.

Who is the author?

Darryl Dash is the founding pastor of Liberty Grace Church in Toronto, Ont.  The church is part of the C2C Network (Multiply) and affiliated with the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists. He writes the book from a pastoral perspective.

Why this book?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book for a couple of reasons. It is easy to read, and gives simple, basic truths to put into practice.  It seeks to help one to enlist habits that lead to a closer walk with God and away from worldly pursuits.

The book can serve as a refresher on the basics.

The book is especially good for those who are just starting to question and want to know more about growing in faith in Jesus Christ.

Key insight

I found it very encouraging, you’re never left feeling that it is hopeless just because you missed your devotions or failed and fell back into sin in some way.  In fact, that is to be expected as you grow in your walk with the Lord.

How is it in harmony with the MB Confession of Faith?

Both the habits Darryl espouses and the theological bent of the book fit well with our Anabaptist teachings, making the book a good resource for discipleship training.

Though it is written in a how-to style, Dash reminds the readers that growth sprouts out of relationship with Christ and his church.

Why this book?

I was looking for a resource to take friends through to help them deepen their walk with the Lord.  This seems like a good conversion starter book for a study group as it asks good questions and gives practical, down-to-earth suggestions.

Favourite quotes

“I’ve never met anyone who’s encountered God’s grace and who’s practiced these three habits from the heart — reading or listening to the Bible, praying, and pursuing worship and fellowship within a church community — who hasn’t grown.”


“No matter whether we’re practicing the core habits or supporting habits, the fundamentals remain the same: start small; use triggers and rewards; focus on progress, not perfection; keep going, even when you fail; and hack the habits to fit you.”


[Blake Wagner served as pastor of Grace Church in Penticton, B.C., until its closure in spring 2018.

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