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CMU confers hope, and degrees

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“I invite you to continue learning about the world in all its complexity and pain,” CMU president Gerald Gerbrandt told them. “And I invite you to continue being part of community – and not just any community, but community shaped by God.”

80 BA students; 92 Outtatown participants

“You face a different world than graduates did a year ago,” Dr. Nettie Wiebe told graduates of Canadian Mennonite University Apr. 26. She warned of a failing economy, job losses, a widening gap between rich and poor, and the harsh impact of climate change on the planet’s most
vulnerable populations.

Organic farmer, environmental activist, co-founder of Via Campesina, and professor at St. Andrew’s College in Saskatchewan, Wiebe said, “but I want to persuade you that the most important gift you can bring is hope…Real hope is grounded in faith and kept alive by loving action.”

This was CMU’s largest-ever graduating class, with 80 students (photo, below).

The university’s off-campus 8-month discipleship program, Outtatown Discipleship School, held graduation ceremonies Apr. 19 for 92 graduates. Participants spent their first semester at camps and retreat centres across Western Canada. After Christmas, they learned through adventure, travel, and service in Guatemala or South Africa. Led by Jason Attema (inset photo), they entered the auditorium singing in Zulu, Sotho, Spanish, and English.

–Karla Braun, from CMU releases

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