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CMU announces incremental increase in tuition for 2018-19

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Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) has released its tuition rates for the upcoming 2018-19 academic year.

Coming into effect in September, CMU’s undergraduate and graduate programs will see a tuition increase of only 1 per cent over 2017-18 rates. This very modest increase is less than the current Consumer Price Index of 1.6 per cent, and is the lowest among Manitoba post-secondary institutions.

“CMU receives less government funding than other Manitoba universities and thus is less impacted by recent reductions in operating grants provided by the Province of Manitoba,” said CMU President Dr. Cheryl Pauls. “CMU continues to offer a high level of academic excellence and programming, while being mindful of costs for students.”

Tuition rates are reviewed annually, guided by commitments to quality education, affordability and accessibility. Tuition and fees, including room and board, contribute 45 per cent of the university’s operating budget and maintain ongoing program offerings; fund specific program enhancements and additions; and provide an array of student services.

The balance of the university’s operating revenue comes from the Province of Manitoba and the investment of CMU’s friends, alumni, donors, and church communities who entrust CMU with its unique mission and vision.

CMU offers nearly 400 unique scholarships and bursaries to students. In 2017-18, 50 per cent of CMU students received financial aid, 15 per cent higher than the Canadian average.

More information about 2018-19 tuition rates at CMU, including specifics about housing and meals, is available at cmu.ca/tuition.

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