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Chapel worships at The Centre

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Chapel worship band

Chapel Band Photo: Stefany Mailhiot

Chapel, a monthly, trans-denominational South Vancouver youth worship rally that started 2012 in the South Hill Church building drew so many attenders it changed its venue to the larger John Oliver Secondary School auditorium within a few months.

Now, it’s ending the 2013-2014 school year in a major downtown venue, The Centre.

“Chapel” leaders were praying for a bigger space to end their worship night for the year. Westside Church, newly settled in the 1,800-seat former Ford Centre for the Performing Arts, offered their space.

Chapel leader Jonathan Mitchell, youth pastor at Culloden MB, Vancouver, says, “Our prayer is not specifically for large numbers, but we are praying that we as leaders will unite to show our kids and our city that God is moving.”

The “Chapel @ The Centre” event is Wednesday, June 25, 2014.


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