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A model for ministry

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On Oct. 23, 2019, during our national AGM, as members of the Canadian Conference of MB Churches, we will be voting on the implementation of the Collaborative Model, a new governance model for our family.

In response to a change to the motion at Gathering 2018, the Executive Board has been working at defining the elements of the Collaborative Model. We are consulting at various levels from regional meetings, to boards, to provincial conventions (where I am giving workshops or presentations at each event this spring).

The Collaborative Model is well suited to situations where multiple organizations serve the same constituency. To function well, this model has four components:

  1. Common mission and agenda
  2. Common measuring systems
  3. Clear relational structures
  4. Principal organization

All of the partners in the Collaborative Model – CCMBC as the principal organization, six provincial conferences (Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia), Multiply, and MB Seminary – will agree to function under these four components. This new way of operating can bring unity and focus to the mission of the MB family in Canada.

The Collaborative Model is meant to be a flat system of governance that incorporates the experience, spiritual discernment, and engagement from all levels of MB ministry.

This new governance model will operate with five facets to facilitate the flow of ministry: strategy, spiritual vitality, governance, decision-making, and deployment (see diagram).

In each one of these facets, there will be a newly minted ministry. Each will have representation from all the partners in the Collaborative Model. At the strategy level, the new National Ministry Team will bring its overall knowledge of ministry in Canada to collectively discern the voice of God for our Canadian family of churches.

At the spiritual health level, the newly organized Faith and Life Team will help equip our MB family to fulfill the mission that God has given us.

At the governance level, two new systems will be put in place. The National Assembly is a collection of all the boards of all the partners within this model. Secondly, a National Assembly executive will be elected to monitor the day-to-day commitments and operations established by this new model.

At the decision-making level, all major points of action will be brought to provincial conventions for voting or affirmation.

At the deployment level, all ministries and resources will be carried out through the provincial conferences.

The main mission of the Collaborative Model is to see “Healthy churches and ministries on mission together locally, nationally, and globally.” It is our prayer that this new collaboration among the Canadian MB family will bring renewal and a new era of growth and spiritual vitality to our churches. We continue to strive to lift the name of Jesus high in all that we do.

Elton DaSilva
is the national director of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. He and Ana live in Winnipeg. They have three children.

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