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Provincial conventions 2015



Ontario Conference of MB Churches

Costly Multiplication
Feb. 20–21, 2015
MBH report: “Are we willing to pay the price to multiply?”

GMMiTV: Ed Willms
GMMiTV: Jeff and Kerry
GMMiTV: Robb and Sarah
GMMiTV: Willy Reimer – Costly Multiplication

Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba

The Church Responds to the Spirit
Mar. 6–7, 2015

MBH report: “A call to hear the Spirit’s voice”

MBH related content: Mennonite Brethren and the Holy Spirit

MBH related content: Ready to respond to the Spirit?

GMMiTV: Manitoba Assembly – Panel Discussion
GMMiTV: Manitoba Assembly – Delbert Enns

Saskatchewan Conference of MB Churches

Unless a Seed…
Mar. 13–14, 2015

MBH report: “Sowing beginnings from endings”

MBH related content: Not your mother’s women’s ministry

Watch Randy Klassen’s overview of Bethany College’s history.
GMMiTV: Saskatchewan 2015 Convention – Tony Martens
GMMiTV: Saskatchewan 2015 Convention – Terrence Froese
GMMiTV: Saskatchewan 2015 Convention – Harold Froese

Alberta Conference of MB Churches

Disciplemaking that Transforms
Mar. 20–21, 2015

MBH report: Whole-life transformation through the gospel

MBH related content: The littlest missionary

GMMiTV: Alberta Convention – Chris Stevens – From the Parking Lot to the Pew Bench
GMMiTV: Alberta Convention – The Holistic Transformation of Jesus – Pastor Chris Stevens
GMMiTV: Alberta Convention – Willy Reimer, Ministry Model
GMMiTV:Alberta Convention – Ron Toews – Easy Button
GMMiTV: Alberta Convention – Paul Loewen – State of the Union
GMMiTV: Alberta Convention – Johnny Thiessen – Partnerships
GMMiTV: Alberta Convention – Lloyd Letkeman – AWAKE
GMMiTV: Alberta Convention – David Thiessen – MB Mission Apprenticeship
GMMiTV: Alberta Convention – Nelson Senft – Churches don’t have to be Mega
GMMiTV: Alberta Convention -Kelly Stickel – Why Next Steps Get Them Running

Association des Églises des frères mennonites du Québec / Quebec Association of MB Churches

Apr. 17–18, 2015

MBH report: Changing of the guard

B.C. Conference of MB Churches

Innovate for the Gospel
May 1–2, 2015

MBH report: Seeking Spirit-led innovation

MBH related content: Pastors: point people to Jesus (about the leader equipping day)

MBH related content: BCMB at work

MBH related content: Holy vandalism (about host church South Langley)

GMMiTV: BCMB Convention – Friday evening session – Rob Thiessen
GMMiTV: BCMB Convention – panel discussion
GMMiTV: BCMB Convention – sermon example – Jeff Bucknam
GMMiTV: BCMB Convention – sermon example – Tim Klassen

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M. Vooys April 7, 2015 - 18:14

Could you do an article on number of young families leaving church attendance? Why is this happening? Why doesn’t the church seem to matter anymore? Or have you already written such an article and I missed it?

Karla Braun April 7, 2015 - 18:22

Check out James Penner’s article, “Remain in me” (September 2014), on how to respond constructively to the results of his sociological study of Millennials and the church, Hemorrhaging Faith. At the end of his article, you’ll find links to several other pieces we’ve run on the subject.


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