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Year in Review 2016

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What was going on in the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches in 2016?

Church planting gets “big idea”

The formal partnership between the C2C Network and MB Mission continues to take shape after its initial pitch to constituents at study conference.

An ongoing conversation

The boards (Executive, Faith & Life) release a statement in February after processing study conference feedback.
And the July/August issue examines the subject further.

A growing family

MB churches open hearts, handbooks and homes to welcome refugees – from Syria, and around the world.

Blessing the ministers

In response to congregational engagement, the BFL publishes a booklet exploring ordination past, present and future.

A marriage in Quebec

After many years of working side by side, ETEM and IBVIE finalize their merger into one new French-language theological school serving evangelicals in Quebec: ETEQ.

Convention fever

The few but vigorously engaged delegates at Gathering 2016 in Toronto hold boards and staff to account.

Farewell to giants

Beloved seminary professor Elmer Martens, trailblazing writer Katie Funk Wiebe and avid hobby historian Helmut T. Huebert die.

Leadership change

MB Seminary sees president Bruce Guenther return full-time to the classroom and welcomes pastor and professor Mark Wessner as their new president.


CCMBC moderator Harold Froese steps down early, turning the role over to assistant moderator Bruce Enns, and the year closes with the end of Willy Reimer’s tenure as executive director.

Of the stories we published this year, what were the most significant for you?


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