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Three churches rally on wheels

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pebikerallygroup-copyFifty-two cyclists – and two young passengers – from Fairview, Gateway, and Scott St. MB churches in St. Catharines, Ont., rode a combined distance of 1,764 kilometres in a bike rally to raise funds for special projects.

Gateway’s 12 riders, collecting for a school project in Honduras, cycled June 21, after rain postponed the original date. Fairview and Scott St. participants, including new immigrants from Fairview’s English Cafe program, rode June 27 to raise money for Fairview Cares (recession and calamity relief) and the Guerreros, a Colombian refugee family sponsored by Scott St. Twenty-two volunteers helped
with logistics.

The route followed the Welland Canal with three starting points: Port Colborne (42 km), Welland (25 km), and Allanburg
(14 km).

“In terms of interaction, fellowship, and service, the rally was a success,” said organizer and vision-caster Rudy Siemens. Eating and sharing stories at the wrap-up barbecue on Fairview’s front lawn lasted until 7 p.m. Said Siemens, “It seemed no one was in a hurry to leave.”—KB

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