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To meet the Lord on the air

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radio_updated-stations-2016“Our mission is to bring the gospel of Jesus to every place of society,” says Scott Street MB Church lead pastor Jurgen Rausch. “A segment of society listens to radio, and we can reach them through radio; in fact, radio may be only way to reach them.”

In 2015, Scott Street MB Church, St. Catharines, Ont., took to the airwaves on WDCZ, a Christian station out of Buffalo and Rochester, N.Y. across the lake. By the end of 2016, Scott Street On Air will have transmitted more than 100 gospel broadcasts.

One teary-eyed church visitor told Rausch, “You need to know what your program is doing: it’s my church.” Other pastors thank him for teachings that have enhanced their own sermons.


l-r: Jurgen Rausch and Paul Moore PHOTO: Brad Moore

The idea for Scott Street On Air came from Gerry Krumrei, a retired radio broadcaster from the congregation; he became the program’s producer. Rausch’s former co-worker at Square One World Media, Grant Hoeppner packages the half-hour recordings on a contract basis from his production company in Winnipeg.

Scott Street On Air increased their potential audience by 13.5 million listeners in March 2016, when Wilkins Radio Network invited Rausch to broadcast on their stations in Indianapolis, Ind., Buffalo, N.Y.; Omaha, Neb.; and Richmond, Va.

Streeter interviews with church members and Rausch’s banter with Paul Moore (Scott Street director of seniors ministry and outreach) lead into the Bible message. Rausch’s sermons are recorded live on Sunday mornings. The broadcasts also include “Scott Street In Focus” features, inviting listeners to upcoming church events.

“Our goals are to fuel a ministry to people who can’t come to church and to let people in the Niagara Region know who we are,” says Rausch.


Clockwise from top r: Gerry Krumrei, Jurgen Rausch, Paul Moore, David Ceballos PHOTO: Lukas Mandau

Scott Street members are supportive: the program is funded both through the church’s outreach budget and from private donations.

Hear recorded radio series on topics from “Faith in the everyday world” to “What makes a great church” at www.scottstchurch.ca/programs-2016.html. — Angeline Schellenberg

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