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Solomon’s wisdom summons Isaak’s offerings

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A reunion between a former student and his teacher at the ICOMB higher education consultation last June resulted in a teaching and encouragement trip to India for Winnipeg’s Centre for MB Studies (CMBS) director Jon Isaak. Last decade, Isaak, then professor at MBBS Fresno, facilitated a reading course for E.D. Solomon, now professor at MB Centenary Bible College, Shamshabad, India, as part of Solomon’s doctoral studies in the U.S.

In February 2012, at the invitation of new principal I.P. Asheervadam, Isaak spent three weeks at MB Centenary Bible College. He team-taught classes with former seminary students E.D. Solomon and A.J. Yesu, and lectured from his book, New Testament Theology.

Isaak also delivered an electronic file containing a digital archive of 78 years’ worth of the Suvarthamani (Gospel Messenger), the Telugu-language publication of the Indian MB conference, which documents the conference’s growth and development. The 1921–1999 digital corpus represents the culmination of a decade-long collaboration between MB archives in Shamshabad, Fresno, and Winnipeg. The electronic file will enable students and scholars to access the information without damaging the fragile hard copies.

“These are prime examples of CMBS’s aim to resource MB church leaders for the mission of God that we share,” said Isaak.

—Karla Braun

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