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Provinces collaborate toward unified vision

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The CCMBC executive board National Office Review task force called together provincial moderators plus two or three representatives from boards or staff, Apr. 19. The purpose of the summit was to look at the review findings, and collaborate toward a unified vision. Participants at the Calgary meeting sensed the weight of this event was historic – “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). Terry Mochar presented the bulk of the review in the morning, and the afternoon was dedicated to “next steps.” It became clear to all that status quo is not an option; we have both needs and opportunities that make it impossible to stay as we are.

With much prayer, discussion, and encouragement, participants came to unified agreement on the following five points, representing an “it seemed good to us and to the Holy Spirit” (Acts 15:28) way to move forward.

1. We believe in the concept of a common vision for Canada, and in what we can be together as a denomination;

2. We support, in principle, the recommendations of the report, and that they’re our road map to help guide us into the future;

3. We support the executive director and executive board task force to further define the provinces’ functional roles and relationships; we will begin to act our way into a new, unified reality;

4. We understand that defining the need (to reach the lost, and support existing churches and leaders) is important, and that those closest to ministry (i.e., provinces and those in the front lines) should be involved in defining those needs;

5. We recognize the need to step away from past realities of mistrust, competition, control, pride, silos, duplication of resources, and independence; we will embrace God’s leading.

There is much more to do as we travel this path together. Each of the provincial conventions has had opportunity to receive the core of this message. In preparation for Gathering 2012 where delegates will have opportunity to interact with and contribute to the vision, we will provide additional communication on the event site (gathering.mbconf.ca). Pray with us in anticipation as the Holy Spirit expands our commitment to reach Canadians for Christ.

—Paul Loewen, moderator, CCMBC executive board

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