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My daily prayer

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Lord, hear my daily prayer to Thee
wherever in this world I be.

Grant that every thought of mine
will focus on what is pure and fine.

May what I think of other folks today
be sanctified by you as I humbly pray.

May I be thoughtful of all who are in need
and gentle to all those who come to plead.

May I harbour no unpleasant thought
to whomever some unkindness brought.

May I not be thoughtless to strangers
who cross my path as careless rangers.

Give me the courage to be brave and kind;
to share your love to those still blind.

Help me to be thoughtfully prepared
to show my friends how much I cared.

Give me the grace to humbly take each step
to rescue folks who are caught in a trap.

Help me, Lord, to see each lonely friend
and reach out to them with a warm hand.

And may I have compassion for the lost
who need a friend they can fully trust.

Lord, help me to know how to control my thoughts
so that my mind will not be tied in useless knots.

And thank you, Lord, for your love and grace
that I may fill the tasks you give in this place.

Herbert Brandt
wrote this prayer in 2015. He is a member of Cedar Park Church, Delta, B.C.



Without words?

Sometimes you need someone else’s help to form a prayer.

MB Herald is seeking lay liturgists to send a prayer to share with the MB family. Send us your short, written prayers – topical, Scripture-based, or seasonal; 5-10 lines long.

Write mbherald@mbchurches.ca for more information.

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