Our lament

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(Heard from Syria, Afghanistan, Germany, Canada…)

We listened to the stories of our parents.
You were faithful, you protected and saved them from desperate circumstances in lands far away
You greeted them with your smile in Canada.

We trust in you, not in ourselves.
We remember guns and weapons wouldn’t save us, so we put them down.
And it happened – you were faithful and we came to this land.
And so, we’ll give thanks to you forever.

But God, today, for others, you’re letting them drown,
slaughtered by unjust rulers, hounded by extremists – right and left, white and red;
No refuge, no happy welcome.

We’ve prayed but you don’t listen. They drown like rats off a sinking ship.
There is no end of death, on and on and on, ceaselessly.
Why is there no resolution? Where is the peace?

People scorn us for how we talk and dress.
They don’t trust us – they think we are those from whom we flee.
Without a job and on welfare, my children see my disgrace.

Why have you made it so difficult for them?
It’s not like they’ve chosen to leave their homes and life behind.
It’s not fair! It’s not right!

Why don’t you do something, for crying out loud?
Are you asleep? Do something.
Give us a break – end the violence and senseless fighting.
“Why are you hiding your face, forgetting the suffering and oppression?”*
Bodies of our children lie on the beach. Even if you don’t care about us… but our children?

Show us that you love us!
Then the world will know who you are!

* Psalm 44:24

D. Penner, G. Penner, D. Temple, L. Wiens, M. Wiens are members of Sardis Community Church, Chilliwack, B.C.

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