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Against the flood

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Dancing Sky by Eleanor Ratzlaff

a prayer for Christ the King Sunday 2019

“The Lord sits over the flood; the Lord sits as king forever.” Psalm 29:10
“But I am among you as one who serves.” Luke 22:27

O Lord, my dim, mountainous interior catches
and stores up (on high, inaccessible slopes)
such a weight,

and though subsequent sudden melts
are purifying in their way, they also tend
to leave a mess:

muddied torrents bearing root-ripped
spruce, weathered boards, worn-out mattress,
a child’s chest.

O Lord, in this swirl of past and current
(in my raging, sad-mad thrash toward
crumbling banks),

trade your sceptre for a shovel, become
for me the Lord of the dam, the al-
mighty engineer

who can move muck, construct earthworks
that hold, channel these flows into
sensible canals,

protect my tender green, maybe even generate
a little power, from which—perhaps—
a little light.

—Rod Schellenberg
is pastor at Hepburn (Sask.) MB Church.
Image: Eleanor Ratzlaff is a new artist (@queenokingsford) working in acrylic and watercolour. She attends North Kildonan MB Church, Winnipeg.


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