Making Room

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PHOTO: Romolo Tavani







My heart longs to come away,
from the clamour that crowds this time of year,
into a spacious place
of hope, peace, joy, and love.
Come, whispers Advent,
Come away, and let your soul renew,
in gentle rhythms and a healing grace,
they call and beckon you.
Sit in the lamplight with Mary awhile,
and watch with Joseph too,
hear the host of ancient prophets
whose voices thunder through
time and space.
Wait with them in silence,
listen to their words,
let their surrender fill you,
let them prepare the way,
For the Christ, for his coming
in you, again, this day.

Jan Woltmann
is a spiritual director who co-leads the Imago Dei Christian Community in Winnipeg.

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