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MB student named Delta Epsilon Chi scholar

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Bethany College recognized graduate Jennifer Bright as a Delta Epsilon Chi scholar of the Association of Biblical Higher Education at the April 25 commencement ceremonies. The Florida-based ABHE comprises 200 postsecondary institutions across North America and is a member of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education.

The Delta Epsilon Chi honour society exists to encourage outstanding academic scholarship (an average of not less than 3.3 in the four-point system, or equivalent), approved Christian character, and Christian leadership ability. The name of the society is taken from the first letters of the Greek phrase “approved in Christ,” from Romans 16:10. Bethany academic dean Rick McCorkindale, who presented the award, affirmed these qualities in Bright, saying, “Jennifer has proven herself to be a fine student: engaged in the search and discovery of God’s truth and eager to apply what was learned to life.”

“I’ve loved my time at Bethany, because it’s allowed me to spend time growing closer to the Word (Jesus) through studying the Word (the Bible),” says Bright. “As I continue on from Bethany, I will continue to study words and continue to use them to grow closer to God and to share God with those around me. This is what God has called me to do and who God has called me to be.”

Bright, who graduated with a four-year BA, a TESOL certificate, and Grade 10 piano, displayed a variety of interests but a particular passion for communication. Her fellow students honoured her skills by selecting her to give the tribute to parents at the graduation banquet. Bright thanked her parents, Greg and Carolyn Bright, for their support throughout her time in college. “I never doubted my parents’ love for me. Even though life changed, their love didn’t.”

Greg, pastor at Gateway Community Church, in Canora, Sask., and director of Ketchen Lake Bible Camp, responded with words of gratitude to his daughter, Bethany faculty, staff, and other parents. “[Jennifer] has prepared herself not just for a career, but for life,” he said. “We are glad that our children are being challenged to a life of faith in Christ and faithful service to Christ – no matter what career they may choose.”

Darlene Dyck, Bethany College

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