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L2L’s coaching culture empowers

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The Canadian Conference’s L2L ministry has concluded its first national round of training in personal coaching. It’s part of the L2L mandate to develop and resource MB leaders and church members.

The last in a series of L2L sessions with author and coach Terry Walling was held at Columbia Bible College, Abbotsford, B.C., Feb. 4–5. L2L’s Walling sessions started in Winnipeg in late 2013, repeating in Ontario, Montreal and Saskatoon.

Daniel Beutler, L2L associate, says the series was part of a two-step training model to help MBs to come alongside with coaching and mentoring. “It’s about encouraging growth,” he says.

Personal coaching assists people to pause, listen for God, then sort through their priorities and take effective action. Coaching, says Beutler, is a valuable way to help people in transition, even if they are not aware of the changes in their lives or ministries.

“If we can help each other, we’ll make the most of every opportunity we’re given.” Beutler says L2L wants to nurture a “coaching culture” in Mennonite Brethren leadership development to empower the provinces and partner ministries.

Beutler estimates some 200 MBs have been introduced to coaching to discern God’s new directions in times of personal change.

—Barrie McMaster

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