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Growing excitement: anglais at ETEQ

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ETEQ graduation

Do you know of anyone who has dreamed of serving Jesus while studying in another culture?
We have all known those who travel beyond North America on mission. But did you know that the dream could be fulfilled  right here in Canada?
A distinct society within Canada, Quebec continues to be the least-reached place in North America for Jesus Christ.
Montreal offers a culture rich in complexity and diversity. In the heart of Montreal is the Quebec School of Evangelical Theology (ETEQ), a unique setting in which to pursue university-level programs. Co-owned by the Mennonite Brethren and the Christian and Missionary Alliance in partnership with Université Laval, ETEQ offers minors in biblical studies, pastoral
studies, and theology; a BA in theology; and three different streams to obtain a master of theology.
Until now, ETEQ, formerly ETEM-IBVIE (and even earlier IBL), has been operating entirely in French, but as of fall 2018, the
school will offer an additional program: a minor in pastoral studies in English.

City Church, where Garry and I attend, has about 300 people from many different ethnicities – and it’s only four
years old. Last Sunday, after pastor Chris McGregor interviewed me to present the exciting news of our English courses
in each of the two services, 12 people expressed enthusiasm and asked for more information! The week before
when I preached in French at Église Chrétienne de Saint-Jérôme, there was equal excitement.
With church plants starting up in many regions of Quebec, we believe that the demand for more workers is growing.
This is not only for pastors, but for anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of theology, perhaps while
also practising their language skills in another course or two in French.

Starting in September 2018, students who have completed one year of postsecondary college or university studies
(CEGEP equivalent) may study up to two courses per semester in English.
Thirteen English courses will be on the roster over two years, offering students the opportunity to either complete a minor
combining English and French courses in one year, or to complete a minor entirely in English over two years. All credits are
fully transferable.

[Kristen Corrigan is president of ETEQ. She is a member of City Church, Montreal.

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