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For goodness’ sake!

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Jesus didn’t come to earth as a king, CEO, hockey star, or the most popular boy at school. He came fragile, poor, and unknown. But, this changed the day Jesus began his ministry. With his revolutionary command for masters to serve their slaves and for all people to love each other, Jesus provided a perfect example of service with humility, respect, and joy.

To me, serving means giving my time, energy, and goods to others. To serve is to love, and to love is the nature of God. The best part is the opportunity to serve with my friends and family. During the 50th anniversary of the Mennonite Brethren churches of Québec (AEFMQ), I worked with a devoted group of 13 youth from the Khmer and Saint-Eustache churches. The modest participation of these youth – simply pouring water at the tables with a smile – was undeniably valuable to the event organizers.

Serving doesn’t have to mean working all day every day at a seniors’ centre. It can be as simple as offering a listening ear, playing with your little brother, emptying the dishwasher for your mother, sweeping for your wife, spending time with your children, participating in church activities, or praying for one another.

God has given each of us unique and formidable gifts to use for the advancement of his kingdom. Let us pray for God to guide us in our service to all – family, friends, and strangers – so they may see through us the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose love for us led him to come to serve us.

—Vincent Rodrigue, a member of Église chrétienne évangélique de Saint-Eustache, Montréal

Vincent was a participant in Service au soleil – MCC’s Summerbridge – an 8–12 week MCC service program that equips people of different cultural backgrounds to serve in a local church. He has also served with MCCQuebec’s Amicamp at Camp Peniel

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