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CBC students transformed by Jesus

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The thing about the current generation of young people, says a veteran Bible college professor, is the speed at which God is working in their lives. Ken Esau, director of biblical studies at B.C.’s Columbia Bible College, told the school’s annual general meeting Oct. 13 that most Christians tend to change only when faced with some sort of life crisis. But he is seeing seemingly spontaneous changes in the lives of today’s CBC students that amaze him.

“We want students to see Jesus, the world, and the church clearly,” he said. “These days, it seems God is working faster in students than in adult populations.”

CBC president Ron Penner said Columbia has “all the features of a great school.” It’s one of the largest Bible colleges in Canada, and by its 75th year, has added new educational options, transfer bridges to other educational programs, and new course delivery arrangements. (One of these is a course on Old Testament, taught by Esau at Willow Park Church (MB), Kelowna, B.C. Discussions continue with other regions about similar course offerings.)

The meeting elected Dan Loewen, CBC graduate and staff member at Level Ground Mennonite Church, Abbotsford, B.C., to join the board. He becomes CBC’s youngest director. Ralph Hildebrand becomes new board chair, succeeding Abe Neufeld, who carries on as vice-chair. Re-elected to fresh terms are Artur Bergen, Kenny Chiu, Ron Born, and Gabriella Unruh.

CBC is owned jointly by the B.C. Conference of MB Churches and Mennonite Church B.C.

—Barrie McMaster

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