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C2C firsts in Montreal

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c2c-logoThe eyes of Michael and Angelica Touchton welled up in humble appreciation as assessors specifically affirmed both of them in their call to lead the Living Room, a Mennonite Brethren church in Montreal. They returned home from the June 15–18, 2015, C2C Network Assessment Centre with a better understanding of their skills and personality and with a network
of support. C2C mentors will shepherd them to make an impact on Quebeckers in need of an evangelical church.

Largest Assessment Centre

Eleven couples went through this assessment – double the usual five or six. Team consistency over the last 18 months equipped us to serve this group with excellence.

First 100% recommendation

The Assessment Centre recommended all eleven couples for church planting – a C2C first. We credit persistent prayer for planters who will answer the call to work in the harvest, and better pre-assessment procedures for this unusual outcome.

First bilingual Assessment Centre and the most Québécois candidates

Five of the eleven couples seek to plant French-speaking churches in Quebec to serve what Outreach Canada has called “the most unreached people group in North America”: Québécois.

The Centre provided both Anglophone and Francophone assessors. Planters spoke in their language of choice. Most of the exercises were separated by language to allow couples to interact with others most naturally. The assessment affirmed, challenged and informed participants about planting a gospel-centred, Spirit-led, mission-focused church.

The C2C Network Assessment Centre is held four times a year in four major cities across Canada.

—Scott Thomas, national associate director, C2C Network

Note the upcoming C2C prayer day: 

Day of Prayer 2015

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