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BFL helps churches navigate theological waters


The Board of Faith and Life (BFL) has been working to create stronger bonds to unify Canadian MBs. During the BFL breakout session at Gathering 2014, we continued the conversation begun in October 2013 about human sexuality. We still have work to do to build consensus about how to minister with integrity to a population that is diverse not only in terms of language and culture, but also lifestyle and values. Communicating the gospel remains the priority, but it is becoming more challenging.

The BFL realizes the importance of our Confession of Faith and is working to make it available to everyone in the conference. A French translation is nearing completion, and work on a Chinese translation will begin this year.

In 2014, the BFL surveyed pastors about their engagement with the Confession of Faith. Results revealed substantial support for our confession, and indicated that many pastors and churches use it as a teaching resource.

We are working to identify areas in which the confession could better describe our scriptural commitments. Should we discern the need to work for change on our Confession, the recent process undertaken by the U.S. BFL – which demonstrated how conversation about amendments can be constructive and harmonious – can teach us a great deal.

Highlights of 2014

• Enjoying positive working relationships with conference ministries as we help them maintain high standards of biblical and ethical integrity.

• Receiving excellent response to BFL reports at Gathering 2014.

• Launching a new BFL pamphlet on gambling.

Prayer requests

• Pray for the 2015 study conference in Winnipeg – “God, Sex & Church: A Theology of Human Sexuality.”

• Pray for new provincial representatives joining the  BFL this spring.

• Pray for wisdom as the BFL sets priorities and responds to theological issues that arise.

Brian-Cooper—Brian Cooper, BFL chair

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adyck1 May 1, 2015 - 14:22

The French translation of the CofF Commentary and Pastoral Application has already been completed and made available for use.

Karla Braun May 14, 2015 - 10:32

Thanks, Andrew. More information about the French commentary and pastoral application is available here: https://mbherald.com/the-word-became-french/


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