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ABMB seeks sustainability

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Alberta conference to increase collaboration with national body


Taking a proactive approach to securing long-term viability, the Alberta Conference of MB Churches (ABMB) hosted a series of regional conversations Nov. 6–8 to engage with constituents’ questions and suggestions. In December, the ABMB executive board presented a written update that outlined findings and proposed a timeline for greater alignment of Alberta services with the national and other provincial MB conferences.

“As a provincial executive board, we suggest we continue on the trajectory of increasing collaboration with the national conference,” wrote moderator Val Martens. With a national office located in Calgary since 2011, provincial conference staff already share office space and the services of executive assistant Sherryl Anderton with the Canadian Conference of MB Churches (CCMBC). The board proposed ABMB’s church health and leadership development portfolios (managed by ABMB executive director Daniel Beutler) become nationally deployed services under CCMBC’s leadership development department over 2013–2014. The board also suggested financial contributions to national and provincial conferences be combined in 2014.

The proposal calls for the ABMB executive board to continue to function in the roles established by the 2008 restructuring. At the 2015 annual convention, delegates will review the increased deployment of national resources in Alberta and the partnerships with other provincial conferences.

Funded by a grant, ABMB has engaged Terry Lamb as director of caring for leaders for a two-year term, beginning January 2013. The experienced pastor will resource leaders and churches for the ministry of prayer.

In the regional meetings and pastoral roundtables, constituents affirmed churches’ connection to both provincial and national conferences, but asked for better communication with churches, especially about resources available. Leaders expressed the value of good resources delivered through solid relationships, regardless of the source. Another round of conversation will occur at Highland MB Church, Feb. 2. The board will present finalized recommendations at the March annual convention.


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