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BFL update

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The Board of Faith and Life met Nov. 23–24, 2016, inaugurating new members Robyn Serez (MAL), Christine Longhurst (Manitoba representative), Elton DaSilva (MBCM executive director), Phil Gunther (SKMB director of ministry) and Brent Hudson (Atlantic Canada).

“We want to be a BFL that’s listening,” says chair David Miller. The board did an environmental scan with reports from each provincial conference minister, national staff and the seminary representative reporting on the current trends in their contexts.

The BFL is involved in planning 2017’s study conference, branded Equip 2017.

The board reviewed responses to the ordination statement published in 2016, approved a new entry to the pamphlet series and interacted with author Pierre Gilbert on “sanctity of life,” and began to think about finding new mediums of communication on important issues. Also in progress is a revised Canadian edition of Family Matters, required reading for all pastors in the credentialing process.

The board also celebrated the completion of Chinese translation of the MB Confession of Faith commentary and pastoral application.

A pamphlet on creation and faith is set to be published imminently.

“It’s a great group of people,” says Miller. “we have a sense of moving ahead together, asking ‘how can we serve more effectively?’”

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