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A letter of thanks to delegates and constituency

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Dear CCMBC constituents,

On behalf of the CCMBC executive board, I want to thank delegates of Gathering 2012 for your participation and involvement at our convention in Winnipeg. Blessings to you for taking ownership of the conference, and for your commitment to want the best for our churches as we live out our passion to reach Canada with the gospel of Jesus!

At Gathering 2012, we increased the time available for large group (all-delegate) discussion, producing dynamic dialogue and the opportunity for leadership to hear from people.

Here’s what we heard:

 • There’s a need for better, clearer, and more timely communication from the executive board, especially on items related to budget and major initiatives.

 • There’s a desire for ongoing dialogue and involvement related to Canadian conference issues, concerns, and initiatives. The format for such dialogue could vary from online forums to “town hall” meetings.

 • The Mochar report (internal office review) needs further context and clarification as the current understandings have created confusion and some level of concern.

 • The “Four messages from the Lord” presented to the executive board by consultant Terry Mochar, and then to CCMBC constituents by the executive board (see Outfront, July) needs further review by the board of faith and life (BFL).

 • Our national church planting initiative through C2C demonstrates a significant increase in budget commitment, and delegates want assurances that this can be sustained into the future. Although the budget was passed, delegates also signalled that they have reservations regarding the sizeable increase in funding.

 • Delegates are asking for a full review of financial policies, procedures, and risk positions, especially in relation to the deposit fund.

 • Delegates expressed overall support for the mission of reaching Canadians for Christ, with an acknowledgement that more work needs to be done in how we execute our mission, particularly as provincial conferences provide direction into future planning.

 As we look forward to next steps, the executive board, along with our executive director and team, commit ourselves to work on the following:

 • Clarity on the meaning and understanding of Terry Mochar’s prophetic word (“Four messages from the Lord”). The BFL has been appointed to follow through on this.

 • Increased clarity in communications, both in content and frequency of items related to the issues raised at Gathering 2012. These include further contextual understanding of the internal office review and implications for strategic action; ongoing updates on budget and finances; and progress regarding C2C initiatives. A variety of methods for communication are being explored.

 • A financial review of our processes, procedures, and risk factors, especially in relationship to the deposit fund, will begin this fall. The measurements committee will set up review processes for C2C initiatives. Reports will be delivered as they become available, with full reports presented at Gathering 2014.

 Thanks to all who committed to being delegates at Gathering 2012. I thank you for standing with us in times of uncertainty, even in our shortcomings. We solicit your prayers for the future as we commit ourselves in fresh ways to being the church God has called us to be at this time and in this place.


Peace be on us all,

Paul J. Loewen,

CCMBC moderator

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