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Volunteers form the backbone of churches.

Who are the members in your congregation that exemplify a Christ-like attitude, giving their time, energy, and love to ministry inside and outside the church?

Alma Siemens

Coaldale (Alta.) MB Church

In her early 70s, Alma serves her church as a council member, missions team chair, and youth sponsor. At Sunny South Lodge and Coaldale Care Centre, she leads services and music. She is also a Prayer Line volunteer for 100 Huntley Street. Alma demonstrates great attitude and strong independence.




Megan Stobbe

Lendrum Mennonite Church, Edmonton

Megan coordinates Lendrum’s caring ministries (and according to one of her pastors, probably knows more about the life concerns of the church than any of the pastors). A mom of three young children, she organizes meals, prayer requests, and hospital visitation, and hosts people in her home. With grace and humour, she is seldom flustered or put-out by last-minute changes or inconveniences. She works with a smile and gathers people around her. In addition to her official role, she willingly steps in to teach Sunday school, serve a meal, or help to settle Syrian refugees.

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