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Rise up, O people of God

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Newsflash: Gov’t denies Canada Summer Jobs Grant funding to churches/charities who won’t endorse abortion.

Response: Let’s RISE UP, O people of God!

No, I am not thinking of revolt.  On the other hand, I am not thinking of a tongue clucking, tsk-tsk, hand wringing response either.

Indeed, we are not the kind of people who stand by and wait for the government to give us a handout. Surely we form the Body of Christ…the church of Jesus Christ on planet earth.

Instead of revolt, I am thinking: let’s step up to the plate. Let God work through us to accomplish his purposes which shall not be thwarted by people.

After all, this announcement is nothing new – just another facet of the same old church/state conflict. And while God is not hindered by governments…far be it from us that he be hindered by us.

So let’s step out in faith, pull out our chequebooks or credit cards and make an extra contribution to our local church, for the “Summer Help Fund,” to help our church accomplish its mission!

“Wait…” you say, “my local church doesn’t have a summer help fund.”

After your contribution, they will now.

“But what would they even do with it?” you ask.

Here’s where we need to hear from those with experience, ideas, vision, testimony. There may be initiatives that could take us beyond what our little flock could ask or imagine. A new thing, even.

“Well…, would it actually bear fruit?” you persist. “I want to be a good steward after all.”

I am convinced that God himself, by his power, can fulfill every good purpose of yours, and every act prompted by your faith! (Don’t believe me? Check 2 Thessalonians 1).

Churches, day camps, and charities, be blessed as you lean into the assignments on your plate, and as you expand your tent-stakes with new kingdom assignments.

And, can I add one last thought?  Let’s be sure to be generous with our Summer Help Fund. Match or exceed the new minimum wages – not because the new numbers are correct, but because we honour the governments set above us; we set an example for those around; the worker deserves his wages; and above all, we serve the King himself!

We can do this.

We are the people of the one true, living God.

Let’s rise up.

Selwyn[Selwyn Uittenbosch BA, MBA, CPA, CA.   After many in the corporate world as CFO and VP Finance, Selwyn currently serves on the Lead Team of MB Mission, heading up the finance area. He has a passion for digging deeper into God’s truth and loves to be with others who want to pursue authentically living it out. Selwyn and Helen live in Abbotsford, B.C.


This is a contributed perspective piece on one way to respond to the changes to the Canada Summer Jobs Grants Policy.

What rights and responsibilities do Christian organizations in Canada have in this situation? How might your organization be affected?

Learn more here:


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1 comment

Becky January 23, 2018 - 00:54

Well said. Is there any way we can find out more information about what programs need funding, and if there are any fund raisers or things of that nature being started for this? I’d be interested in helping out but would like to have a starting place.


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