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Songs that Shape Us – Fall 2019

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We asked worship pastors what music inspires them on their discipleship path.

“Pins and Needles”

Songwriters: Paul Meany, Dennis Herring and
Tedd Tjornhom

“I’m growing fond of broken people, as I see that I am one of them.” We often think in terms of “us and them,” but the more we break down our self-made pedestals and realize we are just as undeserving of God’s love and grace as anyone else, the more we can connect with the world we’ve been sent into.

“All I Want is You”

Songs of Valley Christian
Fellowship, B.C.
Songwriter: Norm Strauss
An album from my childhood, it goes through a list of the ideas of happiness (high paying jobs, money, materialism, etc.) as utterly void of any substance next to Jesus. “Nothing else really matters at all…”



Linkin Park
Combining full-bodied, cinematic, yet deceivingly simple music with pop-y, easy-to-sing melodies, this music is just a few screams away from being sing-able worship songs. A great band to study from a song-writing perspective.


Adam Smith
director of worship ministries,
South Langley (B.C.) Church


Tell us, what songs shape you?

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