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Promontory expands ministry – again

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A young Chilliwack, B.C., church that launched a second campus just two years ago is expanding again, this time to take over more of the building it already owns.

Promontory Community Church, named for the residential neighbourhood on the south edge of the Fraser Valley city, was launched in 2001 to reach residents of the scores of new subdivisions that sprang up on the hillsides. The church met in Promontory Community School, but attracted many of its attendees from the valley floor.

In 2011, the church purchased a downtown building (housing Liquidation World). Promontory occupied part of the space while the store remained as a tenant. The lease is up for renewal in January, and the church will take over 10,000 square feet of former retail space in its new lease with its tenant.

“We just had to have more children’s ministry space,” says lead pastor Shawn Vandop. The facility has been feeling the pressure to expand for some time. A second Sunday service has also been added at the site. A fundraising campaign produced $650,000 over three years, allowing the church to pay cash for the renovations to the new space.

In the meantime, the valley floor ministry has taken on the new name, Main Street Church, and the Promontory work has been renamed Hillside Community Church. Both function under “Promontory Ministries.”

—Barrie McMaster, B.C. correspondent

See March 2011 story, “Promontory goes downtown

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