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Meet your C2C regional directors

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Name: Patrice Nagant

Region: Quebec

Family: Cindy Bucci; 3 married daughters; 1 grandson, 2 grandchildren on the way

hobbies: fishing

Favourite music: jazz and classical music

Favourite movie: Les Misérables – Jean Valjean is trapped in a destructive identity, but because a man of God saw him differently and gave him a chance, it initiated a radical change in his life.

Scripture: Habakkuk 3:16–19

Non-church work:
Interior landscaping for a small business of about 30 employees:
Patrice designed, provided, and maintained tropical plants for offices, malls, hotels, etc.

Patrice is passionate about evangelism and reaching out. With some 20 years’ experience in running his own business, he has an entrepreneurial spirit that translates into discovering new ways of reaching people who do not know Christ. He loves to find fresh ways to articulate the gospel to a generation that knows nothing about the Bible or religious language.
Patrice works with associate church planting director Alain Despres.


C2C regional directors work as a team under director Gord Fleming. They identify, assess, train, and coach church planters; represent and promote church plants to churches in their regions; fundraise; serve on new church task forces. C2C is an MB-based interdenominational church planting network

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