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MB Biblical Seminary graduates 54

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MBBS graduated 54 students with masters degrees and diplomas this year; 36 from the Fresno, Cal., campus and 18 at MBBS-ACTS in Langley, B.C.

At the Fresno event, Elmer Martens, president emeritus and Old Testament professor emeritus, gave the commencement address – “A Time for Conversation, A Time for Declaration” from Malachi 3:16–18 and Romans 1:14–17. He encouraged the graduates to be clear in their declarations of faith, while also engaging listeners. Amy Janzen, and Chris Lewis, Sr., responded for the graduating class. Janzen credited the “village” of parents, spouses, children, siblings, friends, pastors, peers, and churches that got the graduates through seminary. Lewis said he started his studies feeling like “a crushed olive,” but he is now “refined olive oil,” ready for good use.

“Each one of our graduates is eager to lead and serve others in their community,” says Mark Isaac, director of advancement. “One is headed back to his homeland of Paraguay to be a professor, a second is ready to serve his Central Valley church as pastor, and another will serve as a local hospital chaplain.”


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