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Leaders’ summit seeks unity in mission

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More than 35 senior leaders from the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (CCMBC) gathered in Abbotsford, B.C., for a National-Provincial Collaboration Summit Dec. 14–15.

The cross-section of leaders, which included representatives from the board of faith and life (BFL) and the executive board, national staff, and provincial staff (provincial conference ministers, extension directors, and conference moderators) met to take a fresh look at how they can best serve the mission of MB churches and leaders across the country.

At times, national and provincial communication lines have been unclear, said Paul Loewen, CCMBC executive board moderator, creating confusion for pastors as to which part of the conference is providing services for the local church.

The two-day summit, facilitated by Terry Walling of Leader Breakthru Ministries, addressed this concern, identified other issues, explored possible solutions, and offered recommendations to pave the way for national and provincial bodies to operate as a unified team in pursuit of mission effectiveness.

“It was an occasion for conference leaders from across Canada to voice their sense of mission for the MB church in our country,” said David Wiebe, outgoing executive director at CCMBC.

“I was inspired by the clarity of focus and unity of heart,” said Willy Reimer, leadership development director at CCMBC. “I left very hopeful for our future as a mission movement.”

“We are seeking clarity through prayer, community discernment, and action in this process,” said Loewen.

A task force was commissioned to take the findings from the summit and translate them into action steps for the executive board to review at their next meeting, Jan. 28–29 in Abbotsford.

—Canadian Conference of MB Churches news release

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