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Introducing the writers of the ICOMB Confession of Faith Study Guide

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Knowing and Living Your Faith, a commentary and study guide on the International Community of Mennonite Brethren (ICOMB) Confession of Faith, is a 130-page booklet available soon for Sunday schools and small groups.

The executive of ICOMB encourages all MB churches around the world to engage in this study some time during the 16 months between September 2008 and December 2009, in order to strengthen the global unity of Mennonite Brethren churches.

Three of the study guide’s writers are from India, a conference with more than 100,000 members in 800 churches. All three are on the faculty of the Mennonite Brethren Centenary Bible College, located in Shamshabad, India. This school was begun by missionaries in 1920 and has been strategic in the training of Christian workers in India.

Menno Joel is co-author (with Nzash Lumeya of DR Congo) of the chapter “People of Hope and Mission.” Joel was born into a Christian home; his grandfather was a pastor. He teaches courses in Christian ministry at the college and is the registrar. Until recently, he was conference treasurer, and has chaired numerous conference committees, including the Board of Higher Education and the Church Reference Council. He is married to Yesupriya; a daughter is enrolled at Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kan.

I. P. Asheervadam teaches history, now in his tenth year, at the college and is academic dean. He is the general secretary of the India MB Historical Commission and a contributor to the Global Mennonite History project. He is co-author (with Peter Klassen of the U.S.) of the guide’s sixth chapter, “The Mennonite Brethren Story.”

Asheervadam is currently pursuing a Doctor of Theology degree in history. His dissertation is on Dalit identity and Dalit Christianity in India. His wife, Christina, a teacher of English at the college, is completing a Master’s degree at the Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution in Fresno, Cal. They have two children.

B. I.  Premaiah is co-author (with Lynn Jost of the MB Biblical Seminary, Fresno, Cal.), of the chapter, “God’s Redemption Story.”  Premaiah teaches Old Testament courses at the college and is also director of the school’s extension program, which has an enrollment of about 100. His wife, Arunodaya, is assistant librarian, and they have three teenage daughters.—ICOMB release

To order a copy of Knowing and Living Your Faith please contact Kindred Productions (www.kindredproductions.com).

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