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ICOMB launches global scholarship fund

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After four years of conversation, leaders of the International Community of Mennonite Brethren launched a global scholarship fund at their annual meeting in Germany, May 2010. Final details are now in place.

The purpose of the ICOMB global scholarship fund is to grow leaders for Mennonite Brethren churches around the world, not only in biblical and theological studies, but also in education, medicine, business, and other professions. “Our goal is to build visionary and sustainable local and national churches everywhere the Mennonite Brethren family exists,” says ICOMB education facilitator Dalton Reimer.

Priority is given to candidates outside North America for study within their home country. ICOMB has contracted with MB Mission (formerly MBMSI) to manage the fund on its behalf. MB Mission is directing earnings from its previous educational endowments into the global scholarship fund, integrating resources for Mennonite Brethren leadership training around the world. In its management role, MB Mission will receive and receipt all gifts on behalf of ICOMB.

An initial ICOMB priority is to grow the fund through both annual and endowment giving. Endowment gifts will be invested through MB Mission with MB Foundation of the US Conference, with annual earnings providing support for scholarships/bursaries. Named endowments may be established by individuals, families, churches, and other organizations with an initial, minimum donation of $10,000.

Further information on the ICOMB global scholarship fund is available on the ICOMB website: www.icomb.org/scholarships.

—ICOMB release

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