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Faith, hope, love, and life

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Rural Urbanitis
Martin Blumrich

Batoche Communications, 2006

Rural Urbanitis is a fresh and exciting collection of acoustic/folk-style music with inspiring, honest, and hope-filled lyrics. This multi-talented musician and songwriter sings of faith, hope, and love, as it intersects with life. Martin Blumrich wrote all but one song, and in short notes in the CD jacket, describes the inspirations for each of them.

I was encouraged in my faith as I listened to this album, noticing all the beautiful references to Scripture. Blumrich speaks from his heart, noting his experiences, thoughts, and even honest questions/doubts. I could relate in my walk of faith – and I was uplifted. The poetry of his lyrics, though thought-provoking and creative, is easy to understand and marries well to his rhythmically interesting music.

Instrumentation gives the music variety, interest and a “folksy lilt.” Apart from drum kits by Tim Braun, and Melanie McArthurs’s flute solo on the album’s instrumental piece, all music and vocals were performed by Blumrich himself. He also created the “crayon art” interspersed throughout the written lyrics.

The “Wedding Song” was written for friends, and “As Christ Loved the Church” (instrumental, slightly reminiscent of “Sheep May Safely Graze”) for his wife to walk down the aisle on their own wedding day. The only song not written by Blumrich, “Day is Done,” was written by Fr. Quinn and is found in the Catholic Book of Worship.

Martin Blumrich and his family live in Winnipeg where he is associate pastor at Jubilee Mennonite Church. Earlier, he taught at Nipawin Bible Institute in northern Saskatchewan.

—Carol Riediger

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