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Executive Board meetings report

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Executive Board Meetings Report

The Executive Board of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches hosted the provincial representatives in Abbotsford, B.C., Jan. 28, 2016. This annual gathering of staff and board members from the provincial conferences is a strategic meeting where the CCMBC Executive Board processes significant issues and receives important feedback from the provinces. This year’s processing focused on the October 2015 Study Conference and on new ministry opportunities with MB Mission initially presented at the 2015 AGM. (See MB Herald blog post “Hand in hand across borders.”)

BFL vice-chair Ingrid Reichard and executive director Willy Reimer, who both participated in the BFL’s meetings at the beginning of the week, guided discussion on Board of Faith and Life matters. The conversation was robust and passionate with leaders from across the country affirming the authority of Scripture, our unified commitment to the Confession of Faith and the need for continued pastoral support and theological guidance for Canadian Mennonite Brethren.

Harold Froese, moderator of the Executive Board, facilitated the ministry opportunities conversation that started when the USMB conference approached MB Mission for assistance. As the nations come to Canada through increased immigration and as the C2C Network receives more requests to assist church planting overseas, MB leaders are exploring the potential synergies of MB Mission and C2C working together. The group was asked to consider, “What might it look like to create a mission group with MB Mission and C2C to increase mission impact locally, nationally and globally?” Discernment continues, and a report will be brought to Gathering 2016.

The Executive Board finalized the details of its five-year strategic plan Jan. 29–30, 2016. Central to the strategic plan is a common ministry model that provincial leaders have affirmed.

The financial update noted that, while our church support increased slightly in 2015, it was $335,000 below our faith goal of $1,575,000. As a result, adjustments are being made to the 2016 budget expenditures. The work to launch CCMBC Legacy Fund Inc. has been progressing well. Legacy operations may begin in late summer or fall of 2016. CCMBC Legacy Fund Inc. will replace CCMBC Stewardship Ministries, offering the same services for depositors for the purpose of providing mortgages for churches and pastors, payroll services for churches and accounting services for church plants and provincial conferences.

The BFL, provincial and Executive Board meetings coincided with CCMBC’s Week of Prayer, focused on Micah 6:1–8. The daily schedule included intentional periods of focused fellowship, devotion and prayer. We are thankful for all who joined together from across Canada to pray.

It is an honour to serve with passionate Christ followers who love the church and seek to lead in ways that maximize effective ministry on the ground through local churches. The Executive Board meets again in Winnipeg, May 10–11, 2016.

Harold Froese
moderator, Executive Board

Willy Reimer
executive director,
Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches

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