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A Community Psalm

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A Community Psalm

worship the Lord, honour him in word, deed and community;
honour too your siblings, and welcome all into your home.
you are my alpha and healer, you lead us to where we need to be;
you carry us through the storms of life, you cradle us with your love;
your love covers us and makes us one.
grace you extend to us even when we feel like we don’t deserve it.
come on, bring your worst – his heart can’t be broken;
know that you never have to walk alone,
and when we stumble, he picks us up.
ahh man, that love, it seeps into everything.
praise the Lord, for his love endures forever,
rejoice that he is in your life.
he moves you, and prepares you for things you never thought possible;
in our brokenness, he pursues us relentlessly.
we are all so different, yet in him we find community;
happiness is circumstantial, JOY comes from the Lord.
the Lord of heaven’s armies is behind you,
but do not deceive yourself – it is his will to which we are called, and nothing more.
remember that obedience is not obedience without faith, and faith is not faith without obedience.
although we are weak, the Lord remains strong;
know the peace of his presence, the comfort of his steadfast love.
through him we can run without tiring and speak without stuttering,
because of his presence we need not fear, or fear for fear itself –
because of his love we need not despair, for our hope is in him.
trust in the Lord and lay your worries at his feet.
the Lord gives us HOPE – so let us share it with everyone.


This poem was generated by the college and career group at Fort Garry MB Church, Winnipeg, and first appeared on pastor Janessa Giesbrecht’s blog. 

Alongside several other activity stations, instructions for this one read: “Community Psalm: Help us write a psalm of encouragement as a community. Read Psalms 100 and 93 to get a sense of the writing style. Then, add a line to the board as we create a psalm of encouragement made up of all of our individual input.”


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