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Bringing chaplaincy home

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MB Seminary program update

Chaplaincy started as a Christian tradition but today, surprisingly, there are only two Christian institutions in Canada offering chaplaincy training—and MB Seminary (through ACTS) is one of them.

Five years ago, we started developing a chaplaincy specialization, and now offer foundational chaplaincy training for students in a variety of caring professions, such as pastoral counselling, grief counselling and crisis intervention. I believe chaplaincy belongs in seminaries because it’s rooted in our theology.

It’s a way that we can share the living witness.

“I believe chaplaincy belongs in seminaries because it’s rooted in our theology. It’s a way that we can share the living witness.”–Gloria Woodland

One of the things I’m most excited about at MB Seminary right now is that we are equipping those who might not be pursuing a full degree, but who are seeking to become equipped for faithful ministry in their community. Every student who engages in the chaplaincy specialization gains a strong biblical and theological foundation, and also puts their learning into action through a supervised practicum. Students learn how to create adaptable spiritual care plans so that they can bring the love of God to secular places like prisons, hospitals, schools, and universities.

I feel blessed to see our students going into the world to deliver the message that we have a God who cares, we have a God who is active in everybody’s life. Many of our graduates continue to seek support as they face ethical dilemmas or just need a listening ear. No matter what, we as chaplains are called to come alongside those we serve and demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ. It is inspiring to see our students and graduates cultivate their spiritual maturity and theological wisdom to provide compassionate listening and immediate support to people in crisis.

Gloria J. Woodland is the program director for chaplaincy at MB Seminary.
This article was first published by MB Seminary with help from Charity Electric.

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Khotso Mokitimi January 23, 2019 - 05:45

I think this is amazing, it is not everyone who needs to become a pastor. So I think this is an opportunity for those who need to deepen thier faith to God and increase thier knowledge base to administer nd serve the secular world.


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