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Agnes Wicki: never too old for missions

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Agnes-Wicki-pictures-in-Philippines-DMIBefore she married, Agnes Wicki of Prince George, B.C., taught school in what is now DR Congo. Then came marriage, motherhood, and retirement from a Canadian teaching career. After her children (Port Alberni church planter Paul Wicki) moved out, Wicki once again took to the mission field.

As a cousin talked about the trip she’d taken to Ukraine with MB Mission’s Disciple Making International outreach, Wicki thought, “If she can do it, I can do it!” She started with Ukraine – one trip by herself, one with her husband.

“I had a wonderful time,” says Wicki. The next year, it was Mexico, then a friend asked her to go with to the Philippines.

“Somehow, I got hooked,” says Wicki, who has been part of the DMI Philippines evangelism program 10 times. The Westwood MB Church member had wonderful experiences, and also liked the fact she could speak English during her ministry. She made friends there, and between trips, would be involved through email and prayer.

MB Mission regional mobilizer for B.C. John Best continues to be amazed by people in their retirement years who “with vigour, faith, and passion continue to travel the globe to share the gospel.” He adds, “You don’t need to be retired to participate in a DMI campaign or other MB Mission short-term program. You just need a good dose of faith and the Holy Spirit.

“And God loves to give these gifts to people of any age,” says Best.

Agnes-Wicki-PhilippinesWicki feels the DMI approach is “a wonderful way to share your faith and see people commit their lives to the Lord.” She speaks of a “ripple effect,” typified by a Filipina woman who prayed to receive Jesus, then came back for a class three days later with her husband in tow. The woman was so excited, says Wicki, that she did most of the talking to her husband, and he accepted Christ. Only then did the discipleship class move on to its agenda.

Wicki loves going to the Philippines where DMI participants have many opportunities to give their testimonies. And she watched the program adapt to ensure that there is realistic discipling for new believers at the local church level. “I see the local pastors so encouraged by our visits,” she says.

“I also feel encouraged that Philippine schools are open to us and our message,” says Wicki, adding that God has been healing miraculously in the Phillipines during the past two years – an awe-inspiring encouragement to believers and team members alike.

Wicki didn’t return this year because of health, but she wants to resume her DMI ministry. “So maybe I will go again.”

—Barrie McMaster, B.C. correspondent

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