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Training for the team

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“Pastors start with ‘I had to come,’ but end with ‘I’m proud to be MB and excited to learn this is bigger than me or my church,’” says Canadian conference event planner Michelle Penner.

Feb 16–17, in Virgil, Ont., some 27 pastors attended a special session of the pastors credentialing orientation (PCO), a Canadian conference event in partnership with MBBS Canada and the national board of faith and life. Recommended for all pastors new to the denomination, PCO is an element of the credentialing process and includes sessions on four topics: pastoral ethics, biblical theology, MB identity/history, and the Confession of Faith.

Occurring yearly in June, alternating between Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, and MBBS Canada, Langley, B.C., PCO was additionally offered prior to the Ontario convention this year. A Quebec (ETEM) or Ontario location will be added to the schedule every fourth year.

—Karla Braun

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