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This Crowded Night and Other Stories

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This Crowded Night and Other Stories
Elrena Evans

The Gospel writers carefully chose what details to include in the New Tesatment narratives. We know nothing about the Bethlehem’s innkeeper and his family, or about the bride and groom at the Cana wedding and the reason the wine ran out. We know very little about the lives of the countless sick, lame, blind, or possessed people whose lives were suddenly and irreversibly changed by an encounter with Yeshua of Nazareth.

This Crowded Night is a collection of 10 captivating short stories which seek to imagine the lives of the people in the periphery of the Gospel narratives. Written from the perspective of a female narrators, the stories are rich with historical and cultural details and carefully follow the often very brief Gospel accounts.

Thoughtful development of characters, and imaginative and faith-filled dialogue invite the reader to slow down and linger in the contemplation of the lives touched by Jesus. Various reactions to Christ in the stories echo the timeless question: “What will you do with Jesus?”

In order to immerse the reader in the first-century Jewish culture, the author occasionally uses transliterated Hebrew terms. The meaning of some is obvious from the context; others may have to be looked up by most lay readers.

This Crowded Night would be great for a women’s or young adult book discussion group, a mixed small group, as a drama resource, or as a historical and cultural background resource for those who preach or teach the Gospels.

Ingrid Reichard is a Heritage Seminary graduate currently serving as senior pastor of The Dwelling Place, Kitchener, Ont. Ingrid’s ongoing study focus is Old Testament biblical studies. She loves to be with people, to read, surf, sail, and downhill ski. She lives in Waterloo, Ont., with her husband of 23 years and 2 teenaged sons.

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