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From selling homes to feeding them

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Church admin gives realtor opportunity to give back


Daniela Filby accepts 25 turkey dinners from realtor Randy Mann for New Hope Christian Church’s hampers.

When a local Delta, B.C., realtor named Randy Mann sold three houses and listed two more in one weekend, New Hope Christian Church administrator Daniela Filby decided to talk turkey.

She sent him a Facebook message, saying, “As a small business owner, you probably need tax credits. How would you feel about donating to our church’s Christmas hampers?”

Mann called within the hour asking how many hampers she needed. He showed up on Dec. 7, 2016, with 25 complete “turkey dinners for four” (stuffed turkey breasts, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, baguettes and apple pies) from M&M Food Market.

Mann posted a video of himself and his assistant Alyson Bola delivering the turkey dinners, ending with the message, “I’ll do this all year long, not just at Christmas. If you support me, I can support the community.”

“He’s been blessed, and he’s giving back right where he lives,” says Filby.

New Hope is keenly aware of the needs around them. Every Thursday, they give away 100–300 loaves of Cobbs Bread. Filby regularly sits down with those who’ve walked into the church seeking advice – and a little hope. “I have list of resources, and we can point people in right direction,” she says.

Most years, New Hope only includes turkey in four or five of their hampers, but this year, “we’re happy we could bless all 25 families with a full turkey meal,” says Filby. A couple hampers went to families in the church; the rest are for families in the community.

This was Filby’s first time cold calling a business person to help. Would she do it again? “I think I would,” she says. “It gives people the opportunity to give back to the community.”—Angeline Schellenberg

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