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Quebec churches rally

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Some 375 MBs from 10 churches across Quebec gathered for their annual fall rally in Sainte-Thérèse, Que., Sept. 12. The one-day event was sponsored by the Quebec MB conference (AEFMQ – Association des Églises des frères mennonites du Québec), and featured keynote speaker Jean Raymond Théorêt.

Théorêt, long-time leader in the AEFMQ, spoke to the theme “From yesterday to today,” encouraging the Quebec MB church to persist with its unique witness despite the setbacks experienced over the last 20 years. He reminded attendees that being Anabaptist and evangelical was a “legitimate alternative to the mainly very conservative evangelical movement” that exists in the province.

For many participants, Théorêt’s presentation was the highlight.

“It was insightful for me to understand how we, as Quebec MBs, fit on the spectrum of the evangelical movement,” said one participant. “We are neither on the conservative nor the liberal end, but somewhere in the middle…. We value understanding our social context in an effort to reach out more relevantly.”

“We remembered our past, celebrating the good and acknowledging the less glorious moments,” said Ginette Rolland, interim moderator of the AEFMQ, and member of the Canadian conference executive board.

“We in the rest of Canada need to pay attention to our fellowship in Quebec because that’s the environment we will face in the future; we should learn whatever we can,” said David Wiebe, executive director of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (CCMBC).

During the rally, participants heard a media presentation from each of the ministries supported by the AEFMQ. The newest church to join the provincial conference was introduced. The English-speaking church, led by Michael and Michelle Jones, is called The Living Room.

—Canadian Conference of MB Churches

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