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Poetry “for Eastertide”

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Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

for Lent

Press your palm against the Tree.
Feel its pull toward the center of the earth,
how roots drag through flesh like nails
as earth claims the crown.

Now let the Tree hold you in your
full weight of wrong and right,
your selfishness absorbed by flaming roots.
You have never been so light.


for Eastertide

Learn the comfort
of rocks

their condensed

like your spirit
at peace

as you lean on a boulder
in a field

nodding beside

a cabbage butterfly

from cup
to cup—

Christ unwraps
his graveclothes

slips through
the tight molecules

and sits down
to eat with you

—Jean Janzen  is a poet from Fresno, Cal. and member of College Community MB Church. “for Eastertide” was previously published in Christian Century magazine. Both pieces will appear in a new collection of Jean’s poems due out this year.

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