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Placing our stories within God’s

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A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned by Editing my Life
Donald Miller

Thomas Nelson, 2009
288 pages


From the author of Blue Like Jazz, comes a book based on an interesting premise: if one were to have a movie made about one’s life, what would that movie be like?

How exciting or adventurous would the story be? Who would the main characters be? Would there be an inciting incident that would hurl the main character into a new plot/story? These are but a few of the questions Donald Miller poses to himself after he is approached by screenwriters and producers to make a movie of his life.

The author engages the reader on a journey of discovering not only what it means to have a life story, but what it means to fully and adventurously live out that story. In true Donald Miller style, there are philosophical musings, interesting people who influence the author’s story, and great word pictures about how our story and God’s story intersect.

In some ways, I felt I was being invited into Miller’s mid-life crisis, with experiences ranging from him finally searching out his absentee father, to hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru in pursuit of a woman, to an inspirational story of a multi-millionaire who creatively fosters peace in the world and embraces whimsy. Because the book was so interesting and there were such great characters within, I accepted the invitation and enjoyed the journey.

Donald Miller has once again written a book that is not only a wonderful read, but that can create tension and challenge in readers’ hearts and minds as they reflect on their own stories and their place in God’s grand story.

Sherryl Koop is a member of McIvor Avenue MB Church, Winnipeg, and is known to be a storyteller.

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