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Old Testament tales for the Harry Potter generation

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YHWH: The Flood The Fish & The Giant
G.P. Taylor & Paula K. Parker

Authentic Media Ltd, 2010
300 pages


YHWH: The Flood The Fish & The Giant
is self-described as “ancient stories retold,” accurately introducing the book to its readers. Twenty powerful Old Testament stories are rewritten, presenting perspectives and themes that shed new light on old stories. The book will appeal most to pre-teens to early teens.

Authors G.P. Taylor and Paula K. Parker were asked to write a book to “appeal to our Harry Potter generation,” writes Paul Keeys, director of Walk Through the Bible Ministries. Not only is that a tough request of any author, but also a bold statement with which to preface a book. The purpose was to present the Bible stories in a way that sparks the interest of those seeking fantasy and intrigue, adventure and suspense. The authors certainly succeeded in this. The stories are well told, the characters take on new life, and the scenarios feel fresh.

Woven throughout this book is the voice of Yahweh speaking to his people in every story. As in the Old Testament, the theme of God’s faithfulness is evident on every page.

The concept behind this book is not new. Many Bible stories have been rewritten, told from different perspectives to a variety of audiences. However, as we see each new generation grow and form their own faith, perhaps we should ask: does the Bible really need to be rewritten in order to remain relevant?

Josie Kornelson attends West Portal MB Church in Saskatoon where she participates in leading worship on a volunteer basis. She was recently hired by Redberry Bible Camp as office administrator, and also thoroughly enjoys her full-time job as a mother and wife.

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