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Need an early pregnancy test?

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It was January 19, 2009, and I was sitting in the dentist’s chair getting ready for my first crown. All I could do was sit back and look at Dr. Tsang and his assistant working above me. It’s actually entertaining; rarely do people get so close to your face, yet no personal space issues seem to arise.

“Hmm,” said Dr. Tsang. “Looks like a lot of bleeding – hormonal changes?” He looked up at his assistant.

She turned to me. “Dawn, do you think you might be pregnant?”

I was surprised, but excited. “Poffibee” (“Possibly” in dentist-patient speak).

I left the Abbotsford Dental Group with a smile on my face, despite the pain in my mouth. It was too early to take a pregnancy test. Regardless, I phoned my husband and told him the news.

Trusting the dentist’s diagnosis was easy for us because he had been right before. With our first pregnancy 2 years earlier, I was getting my teeth cleaned and elected to tell the staff we were expecting.

My dentist replied, “Are you sure? I wouldn’t conclude that by your teeth. But you never know.” Sadly, he was correct. There were complications with the pregnancy, and I miscarried the following week.

Even though it was difficult, we are convinced that God carried us through, and that the experience helped us become better parents. Knowing that it is God who sets lifetimes (Job 1:21), we have the profound sense that our children are a gift. Knowing that God loves our children more deeply than we do has also relieved the pressure and temptation to over-parent. We’re able to relax and enjoy our front-row seats in their lives!

In fall 2007, a few months after that first dental visit and miscarriage, my husband and I were delighted to see another positive pregnancy test. At first, I was scared to go back to the dentist but eager for confirmation. As he was checking my teeth again, I mentioned we were pregnant for the second time.

“I can see that by your teeth,” he said, unaware of the relief he brought me. Our healthy 8 lb. 6 oz. son was born June 2008.

Now, seven months later, God gave us the supernatural realization we were expecting again – long before most people would be able to find out. We took the opportunity to start praying for the health and success of this pregnancy.

After three weeks of waiting, we were happy to see another positive pregnancy test. Thanks, but we already knew – with a little help from our dentist!


Dawn Thiessen lives in Abbotsford, B.C., with her husband Matt and their two children, Mercer and Aubrey. She is a science teacher at Mennonite Educational Institute High School, and a member of Northview Community Church.

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